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Sweeping Change Hits Saudi Arabia!!!

Dear Campus,

I would like to congratulate you on this momentous occasion as the Saudi king has decided to give women the right to vote and to run in elections for municipal councils that have little to no actual governing powers! Also, he has announced that they now have the privilege of possibly being hand-selected by him to join his advisory Shura Council.

What a phenomenal moment in the struggle for women’s rights and for change in the Arab world!! Never mind the twisted-ness of this man and others thinking that this fundamental right is theirs to “give.” Never mind that these same women are not allowed to undergo many medical procedures without the direct consent of a male relative (read superior). Never mind that it is still a punishable crime for any of these women to undertake the ever-so-complicated task of operating a motor vehicle. Never mind that this man and his regime are directly responsible for the suppression and silencing of women (and men) not only in their country, but abroad as well. Never mind all of these realities. Instead, today we celebrate the great honor that his excellency, the Saudi king, has decided to bestow upon humanity. Cheers!

It is no wonder why our government labels this man a reformer. He truly is a man of change that we can believe in, and I am proud that America heavily supports his noble and just efforts. May we all draw inspiration from his courageous leadership in reforming that backwards area of the world, where only “gradual,” minor, and meaningless changes like this can lead to actual prosperity.


Written by Abbas Z. Alawieh-LSA Senior at the University of Michigan

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